Finding Salicylate Free Beauty Products

My pocketbook is still smarting from the massive purge of all my makeup and moisturizers. BUT my face no longer stings and itches constantly. I am gathering as much information as possible to refill my girly needs and makeup bag. Here is my list thus far.
I keep telling myself that it was a good thing to purge my makeup and other bathroom products because it is healthier to purge makeup products but I lost hundreds of dollars. FYI in my search for products I now know how long you should purge your products:
Mascara should be tossed after 3 months.
Nail Polish in 1-2 years.
Face Masks in 1-2 years.
Concealer in 1 year.
Facial wipes in 2 months.
Blush in 2-3 years.
Eyeliner in 6 months.
Sunscreen in 3 years.
Lipstick/gloss in 1 year.
Power in 1 year.
Eyeshadows in 2 years.
Foundation in 1 year.
And washout your BRUSHES, if they are frayed or bristly toss them.


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