What is Healthy: and why i was doing it all wrong

salicylates_dietandexercise.jpgIt has been 4 months since I started the elimination diet … which I think is now what I would call a lifestyle rather than a diet.

Now that I am not forcing myself to try to eat healthy fruits and veggies to lose weight and get healthy I am feeling better. My skin cleared up, my blood pressure went down, my joint aches and pains subsided and … say what … my scale is finally going in the right direction. Down 17 pound, up 75% in energy I am wishing I had known about my salicylate intolerance much sooner.

I recently have felt so good (before the elimination diet I could barely walk because all my joints hurt that bad) that started to look at workout APPS. Now you would think that an APP that was created by your healthcare provider would be savvy when it comes to helping you “get healthy” NUT that is not the case when you are salicylate intolerant.

I downloaded RALLY a UnitedHealthCare APP thinking … “let’s go get healthy” NOT.

Immediately I was told after giving the APP my full information (it wasn’t a complete info dive … they forgot to incorporate any allergy information into the APP) that I need to eat more fruits and veggies. They even wanted to give me lottery rewards/incentives to eat exactly what was making me sick. OK I ignored that and thought “I can just do all the other “healthy stuff” they suggest. LOL WRONG.

Next the APP insisted that for my age group it is very healthy and necessary to have an aspirin a day! YEAH RIGHT… UnitedHealthCare… are you trying to kill me? Trying to put me into an anaphylaxis life-threatening allergic reaction?

HELLO???? Anyone in there … RALLY??? Watch how you program that APP or you might just be killing your members.

One size does not fit all when it comes to health. you would think a healthcare company would understand this.

Anyhow, my learnings from this is just that, one size never fits anyone so what is working for me?

Slow and steady. Here are some APPs I have found helpful.

Food Intolerances an APP that tailors your intolerances. This helped me a lot when I was not at home and wanted to look up a foods that were Salicylate safe or high. ($4.99)

MySymptoms Food Diary an APP that if you are a good note taker can help you suss out what is giving you a problem ($2.99)

Cara an APP that if you are a good note taker can help you suss out what is giving you a problem (FREE)

Tracy Anderson Workout these are small movements that won’t kill you.

And let me just say, I wish doctors understood salicylates and what havoc they can do to a person. I tried for years to do what the doctor said… eat healthy, diet and move. If they had looked into my intolerance to aspirin it would have saved me from gaining 60+ pounds, having bizarre asthma attacks, having no energy, to thinking I was going to just die a very painful death. I would list ALL the symptoms but then it would look like a nightmare.

THANK GOODNESS I have finally found what works for me. To all the doctors… people are not boxes that you can just expect to fold up into proper little packages.


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