Salicylate Triggers: Myth or Fact

Still in search of a allergist who specializes in understanding salicylate intolerance. The idiot Allergy and Immunology Specialist I did see or rather barely saw because he sends in the clowns to take dictation so that he can ignore the patient answered one question I had by telling me you can NOT have an allergy trigger by breathing in air that is infused with salicylates. HE WAS WRONG! Or it was all in my mind when I went to the grocery store and had what I can only call a “trigger” occurrence.

Since being on the elimination diet I have not had one of these breathing asthma attacks. Then BAM walking into the grocery store it happened. I smelled the lovely scent of baking bread. It soon turned into an attack of uncontrollable “I can’t catch my breathe”, for about 2 minutes I am breathing like a dog trapped in a hot car not able to control the pace of air being taken into my body.

This was the second trigger I have encountered since finally knowing the pure joy of not having my skin on edge ALL the time. Doctors who do not understand salicylates should not answer questions they do not know. It is infuriating to pay for doctor’s bad knowledge.

The first trigger was not as bad, just a day and a half of being itchy and uncomfortable. My own fault actually. I was too shy to ask the first restaurant I went to how they cook their eggs and hash browns. Next time I will have to be one of those annoying people who order like Sally in “When Harry Met Sally” … it makes me laugh each time I catch it on rerun. What’s a girl to do!

CHRONIC DISEASES Healthcare modern medical Doctor concept

CHRONIC DISEASES Healthcare modern medical Doctor concept



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