Medical IDs: Why Wear One

I never thought I would ever need to wear a medical bracelet but know it could save my life if I was unable to tell anyone … “Hey don’t give me that aspirin… it could kill me”. Sounds funny, but it isn’t really as the first line of medical help is usually giving a patient an anti inflammatory that would have the exact opposite effect on me.

If you have any allergy you should wear a bracelet or other ID because medical personnel are trained to look for them so they can properly treat you.

So off I go to search for one and was discouraged at first because they all looked too male “on the front line” for my taste. I think dog tags are cool but they don’t go with anything in my wardrobe. Then I found this cool website called Laura’s Hope.  Now this is my kind of place… fun jewelry with a purpose! To match my iPhone and iPad I purchased the stylish Rose Tone Love Links Medical ID Bracelet annette_IDbracelet
 LOVE IT! Thank you Laura’s Hope! Now I can rest assured that I will not turn into Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka if anyone gives me a Salicylate… I have a golden ticket and it is called my own fashionable Medical ID.


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