Living with an Allergy: is nothing to sneeze at

Nothing about an allergy is fun. Today is day 27 of my elimination diet. Elimination of foods with salicylates. The Negligible diet that is pretty much a diet of water, meat and eggs with no spices except a touch of salt.

I am hating doctors at this point. Yesterday I went to see an allergist who had been recommended by my doctor. She said I was going to really like him. She was wrong. Not only did the appointment start off wrong by the “new” receptionist ignoring me when I walked in and stood at the desk for about 5 minutes waiting for him to give me a sign in sheet or take my photo ID and health card which were plainly in my hand but after I sat down and waited he ignored me. I was the only person in the waiting room. HELLO!

OK I am a patient person who can wait for what I thought would be an informative appointment. Finally after about 15 minutes I hear a woman’s voice state is “my 1pm appointment going to be late!” in a voice of dismay. I look at the front desk person and say “am I the 1:00 appointment, I have been here before 1”?

“oh … sorry,” says the inattentive front desk, “photo ID and medical card…fill this paperwork out”.  PAYMENT PLEASE. As soon as I give my credit card I receive an email asking how my appointment went HAPPY FACE or SAD FACE.

I chuckled to myself and had no idea how foreshadowing that sad face was going to be.

What happened next was a lot more waiting and then meeting with the woman who had asked if “her patient” was going to be late. HMMM … I was here to see a male doctor but figured he must be sick and this was a doctor covering his shift. NOT. This was some go between assistant who was maybe training. They took all my information typed it in as a secretary would do and placed me into another room where I could again wait.

I waited, and waited and waited until the lights in the room I was seated at timed off. HELLO…is there a doctor in the house? I then hear the same voice that had asked me all the questions talking to someone about me. Hmmm the Doctor. He was NOT listening to me the patient he was listening to a third party tell my story. When I was a kid we called that game Telephone and it was funny to see how different the story would come out because no one can really tell the actual story except the person who knows the story.

I dismissed it until I realized that I would be in this office for over 2 and a half hours and see the actual Doctor I was going to be billed for only 5 minutes.

We did the allergy prick test and histamine had a reaction and a few other items had low to no reaction. What did that mean? Well I wasn’t going to hear that from the Doctor, he just wanted to see my list I had created as a cheat sheet for my diet of foods and products with salicylates. He just said keep avoiding “night shades and then asked me “what’s yarrow” (It was on my list of products to avoid).

I should have said YOU TELL ME… but I explained to him (the doctor that was supposed to be an allergy specialist) that yarrow was a plant based herb used in many products for the reduction of inflammation such as salonpas or other muscle and joint relief products. HELLO Mr. Doctor, who I hardly know, aren’t YOU suppose to be telling me these things?

Needless to say this will NOT BE MY ALLERGIST. I am beginning to HATE the word Doctor.  So I will do my own research, my own health plan, it is a lot cheaper and I do not keep myself waiting in dark rooms. YES the lights were off in this doctor’s office but not just in my room. 



3 thoughts on “Living with an Allergy: is nothing to sneeze at

  1. Have you looked into the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital elimination diet? They’re based in Sydney, Australia and have developed a diet specifically to hell you work out the levels of salicylate, amines and glutamate in food that you can tolerate. I see you’ve already discovered Cleure products. I also removed anything scented from my home environment and changed all homecare products to unscented or homemade. That made a massive difference in conjunction with changing all my personal care products.

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    • Thanks Pam, yes that is the diet I am following using only the “negligible” list. So far it has worked out well for me other than having a reaction to greek yogurt. And you are so right about the personal care products. I was so amazed that my skin wasn’t on edge constantly when I changed out my shampoos, moisturizers and perfumes. Your blog was very helpful for me when I read about Febreze, I tossed it and felt much better in the house. 🙂 It is nice to meet you virtually. Our American doctors do not really take much stock in the elimination diet BUT I can tell you it is really helping me. Thanks for all your help.

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