Bad Numbers: Bad Patient or Bad Doctor

So after going to see my regular doctor to let them know that after going on a 10 day elimination diet I am feeling better we did some blood work. Doctors love to draw blood. All my numbers were high… high liver function, high blood sugar, high cholesterol. Yes and your point is? I could have told them that my numbers were going to be off since just prior to the 10 days of the elimination diet I was thinking I was going to die. My thyroid pill that I had been prescribed did nothing for the tiredness I was feeling. Nothing was working for my arthritis… which seems to have gotten better since I figured out I was allergic to salicylates.

My doctor told me that her “job” was to watch my numbers. LOL … so I can feel horrid but if my numbers are OK then everything is hunky-dory? I think NOT. So NOW my doctor is listening to me because my numbers are bad? Needless to say I am a bit upset that that is her only “job” to watch my numbers not listen to all the complaints I have had over the years. Dark flaky skin patches, aches and pains that are so crippling that I can barely walk 20 steps without wincing, an asthma attack that my doctor just kept giving me inhalers that didn’t seem to work and the lack of being able to lose weight no matter how many diets I tried.

Needless to say my doctor is not on my “happy” list right now BUT I am happy to say they gave me the name of an allergist who I am very hopeful WILL help.

It sounds bad of me to say but I am NOT giving more blood, having a physical or liver scan until I have this allergy under control. If she wants to watch numbers then she can wait until I feel better. If I had to diagnose my problem then she can wait until I know I am on the “right” path to recovery then she can get her blood.

As for numbers … DON’T CALL ME. I’LL CALL YOU.

Here’s hoping the Allergist will want to look at me not as a NUMBER.


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