Salicylate: is there a test?

salicylateimage.jpgSo I am on day 4 of my elimination diet and decided to go see my primary doctor to ask some questions. I hesitated about even calling for the appointment since no doctor has really helped find anything other than a aspirin allergy only after my symptoms where off the chart. But my online research shows me that Salicylate Allergies are not something that doctors really look at. It looks as if they only order the Salicylate test when they think someone is overdosing on aspirin.

I have read a lot of studies about Autism and how many children with this affliction have an intolerance to salicylate in their food. I can see how these children would act out with the symptoms I have been having… why heck I was ready to yell at anyone, I was so itchy, my ears were ringing so loudly and I was so dizzy that I was becoming frustrated and irritable. I had even joked with a friend that I thought I was having an attention deficit reaction.

My next post will be after the doctor’s visit… I just hope I am not told just lose weight and call me in the morning LOL.


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